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Agent Information

Marston’s pay a fixed fee of £30,000 + VAT for valid site introductions.

A valid introduction should meet the following criteria:

  • The site is not previously known to Marston’s
  • Include full site address including postcode
  • Include details of selling agent or owner
  • Include location plan and ownership plan
  • Confirmation that the introducing party has no legal interest in the site nor any contractual or personal interest as agent, developer, builder or otherwise.

To be eligible for payment any introduction must be acknowledged in writing (letter or email) by a member of the Marston’s Acquisitions Team and evidence of this acknowledgement may be requested by Marston’s prior to payment of the introductory fee.

Marston’s may request from the introducing party such assistance and/or further information as we may reasonably require for the purpose of the acquisition including valuation advice and assistance with Planning Submissions.

Should an introduction not lead to the relevant site being acquired by Marston’s, but that site is subsequently acquired as a result of another introduction then you will not be entitled to receive the introductory fee.

Fees only paid to property professionals on unconditional exchange of contracts

Monthly progress updates on the site required for the site introduction to remain eligible.

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“Having dealt with Marstons for over 4 years Mowbray Gill find Marstons an extremely efficient and decisive company to work with. Their clear vision and exceptional approach to property acquisition in such a competitive market make us prepared to expend a great deal of effort on their behalf to source suitable sites.”

Ian Gill, Mobray Gill, Introducing Agent

“I have had the pleasure of working with a number of the Acquisitions Team since 2003. Throughout this time and irrespective of the point of contact I have always found them to be a pleasure to deal with. Despite the difficulties of acquiring suitable sites and the complexities it often brings, the Acquisition Team are always honest, reliable, transparent and consistent in their approach to landowners and developers.”

Ian Thurlbeck BSc (HONS) MRICS from @retail

Member of the public

We are always interested in buildings or land for sale around the country, therefore if you know of a site that may be of interest to us, please fill out the form on our contact us page with as much information as possible and we will direct your query to the Acquisition Manager who covers your area.

Contact Us

If you have further information or whish to contact someone direct, please email acquisitions@marstons.co.uk

member of the public

Marston’s Employee

An introductory fee will be paid to any employees of Marston’s who introduces a development site or trading pub, which we subsequently purchase for a Marston’s Inns and Taverns business.

So keep your eyes peeled and send details of your discoveries to Marston’s Inns and Taverns.

Contact Us

If you have further information or whish to contact someone direct, please email acquisitions@marstons.co.uk

Marston's Employee